Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Crocheting and Knitting

Every year, I say that I will start earlier with Christmas. I like to craft gifts for family since A) a skein of yarn costs $3-8 per skein. and B) it shows that I actually do care. I will say that I did plan out gifts this year earlier than last. I knew for the most part what I was making. Mom asked last Christmas for mittens, and I figured my nieces and nephews would need a pair too. I say a pair and not 3 since I plan on crocheting a chain to keep the mittens together. You make it just long enough to stick out either arm hole (a little longer so the kids can actually put their hands in). One pair is done and has been since early October. But with me dislocating my shoulder at the end of last month, that made me pull back on crafting.

I am crafting again. I got a sock done for my husband's Christmas gift. And a cuff done on some mittens for my other niece, but not much else. I do have a project that I'm crafting for pay which needs to be done by Thanksgiving.

I really do need to think more before Christmas. We've got 43 crafting days left and I don't want to be up Christmas Eve crafting ( as I am every year I've done crafting for Christmas). But at the same time I don't want to be listening to Christmas music in July so I can get into the holiday spirit for crafting.

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