Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First projects again

I learned to knit from Deb Stoller's book "Stitch and Bitch" back in March 2006. The first project I made was the kitchy kerchief (spelling may be off since the book burned in the fire and I haven't yet repurchased it). It was a mess yarn overs everywhere. But I didn't care I made it.

Before this even, when I started crocheting again in 2003 (I learned when I was 6, and that wasn't 2003). I made a double crochet scarf the first 10 rows went in, since I wasn't crocheting the chain stitch. Even worse I tried to make a bear and wasn't making single crochets but slip stitches. That thing would have taken forever to make.

Right now, I'm at a first project again. I'm learning to throw. My first project with that? Baby hats. I thought it would be easy! But there's new motions, wrapping the yarn, and moving the yarn to the front to purl. I think I should have added some flat things in like dishclothes in with it.

Thinking back on first projects makes me realize my skill level has increased quite a bit in both knit and crochet. But learning right handed is completely different. I may go cast on a dishcloth since then I can learn a little at a time.

I need some cheering up, so if anyone reads this post about your first project in knitor crochet.

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