Friday, August 6, 2010

The month of Finishing

Learning to knit right handed did not turn out well. It aggravated the carpal tunnel that's starting in that hand and was just uncomfortable. I now say to knit the way you like and don't let anyone tell you you're knitting incorrectly. That and I wasn't too thrilled about what I was knitting (baby hats).  Medically I may not be able to have kids (i.e. these projects weren't for me...I'm a selfish knitter/crocheter what can I say).

Over at Ravelry (which if you haven't seen and are reading this blog, go check it out!) I'm a member of the HP knitting/crochet house cup. Yes, I'm a Harry Potter nerd, and you had no idea how much. They have 3 month terms with 6 classes each month. Then a month in between terms for sign-ups (sign up will be happening this month if you want to join in on the fun).

This month the focus there is on not starting anymore projects but finishing the ones you have. So far I've finished 2 projects. Both are not for me surprisingly.

First, my husband's birthday was Tuesday. I'm constantly showing him patterns and asking if he likes them. I'm still trying to understand his style, we've been married for a year and together for 4 so still not that long. I knew he would like this hat though since he had 2 just like it.

I'm not too thrilled with the pattern (Lidsville from Son of a Stitch and Bitch). Hubby has a big head, 24" around. Most hat patterns are sized for  23" heads. Sizing up wasn't the problem, just used a size bigger hook, the inside lining didn't size up, and there was a lot of seaming. Hubby loves it and wants a couple more.

The other project is a Christmas present, so it won't be posted right now. I'll just say they are lovely soft and I want to keep them for myself.

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